Oneida Lake
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No National Weather Service Alerts in Effect for the immediate Oneida Lake Area near Cleveland, South Bay or Brewerton (from NWS downloads)

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As you browse this website, you will find information on fishing, boating, camping, dining, entertainment, lodging and area attractions. You will also find information on many local businesses that service Oneida Lake and surrounding areas.

Oneida Lake, situated in the center of New York State, was created over 12,000 years ago when the Ice Age ended, was originally a vast inland sea called Lake Iroquois covering much of Central New York. As the ice retreated, most of the lake drained away except for what remains now. Measuring 22 miles long and 5 miles at the widest point, Oneida Lake is a recreational paradise. Come visit Oneida Lake, in New York state! If you have questions about Oneida Lake or think of other features you would find useful, feel free to email Oneida Lake Help using the Contact Us tab below.

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