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No National Weather Service Alerts in Effect for the immediate Oneida Lake Area near Cleveland, South Bay or Brewerton (from NWS downloads)

Featured Marina - Oneida Lake Marina a full service marina in South Bay (Ron Renslow, proprietor)

Oneida Lake Marina, South Bay New York

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Oneida Lake Marinas

Oneida Lake has many marinas that offer services that range from boat slips to gas, bait, boating supplies and groceries. Some marinas even sell new and used boats. Check out Oneida Lake Marinas by clicking on the symbols, or just see the name by holding the cursor over a symbol. We also included an Oneida Lake Marinas list at the bottom of this page.

Oneida Lake is a fishing paradise. Bass fishing in Oneida Lake has such a good reputation that it has become a frequent stop of the Pro Bass tour. There are walleyes, northern pike, perch, bullhead, and the lake is part of the sturgeon repopulation project (if you catch these you must release!) There are multiple public fishing access points around Oneida Lake (noted on map). We hope you find the time to enjoy fishing on the lake!

Oneida Lake Region Fishing Report


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ONEIDA LAKE MARINAS LISTING - click on name for more information

Fremac's Marinas

Oneida Lake Marina s

Callahan's Marinas

Marion Manor Marinas

River Rat Marinas

Ess-Kay Yards Marinas

Oneida Shores Park Boat Launch

Brewerton Boatyard

Boats-A-Float Marinas

Fisher Bay Marinas

Trade-A-Yacht Marina

Snug Harbour Marinas

Holmes Marinas

Mariner's Landing

Three Pine Marinas

Charlie's Boat Livery

Oneida Bay Marinas

Bradbury's Boatel

Anchorage Marina

Lakeshore Marina, Cicero

Big Bay Marina

NYS South Shore Launch Site

NYS Godfrey Point Launch

Winter Harbor Marina

Spruce Grove Marina

South Shore Nauticas